Interesting: The new commerce experience for CSP starts now

November 1, 2019

We’re excited to introduce a new commerce experience in the Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) program for Azure. Starting today, this new experience will streamline and improve the way CSP customers buy and consume Azure services, in addition to providing a consistent view of Azure pricing across sales motions, USD pricing for global consistency, billing date alignment, and access to Azure Cost Management.

The existing Azure offer in CSP continues to be available to allow time for partners to build new services and start moving their customers over to the new Azure features in CSP. For more details, partners should review the materials posted on the Partner Center resources gallery.

To help partners and customers transition to the new experience, we’ve outlined important dates below.

Key milestones for commerce experience in CSP

Microsoft Customer Agreement for CSP

The Microsoft Customer Agreement is a new, non-expiring agreement that will replace the current Microsoft Cloud Agreement for all new and existing CSP customers. The Microsoft Customer Agreement can also be used to purchase all offers available in the program. This includes the purchase of existing offers available under the Microsoft Cloud Agreement. Customers who purchase the new Azure plan in CSP will be required to accept the terms of the Microsoft Customer Agreement. 

For the purchase of other offers in CSP, including the existing Azure offer, partners will have the option to use the Microsoft Customer Agreement or the Microsoft Cloud Agreement during a transition period that ends on January 31, 2020. After the transition period, partners will be required to direct their customers to accept the Microsoft Customer Agreement only for all purchases, including subscription renewals, in CSP. The Microsoft Cloud Agreement will be discontinued in CSP on January 31, 2021.