It’s Out! Update 1902 for configuration manager current branch is now available

In the 1902 update to Configuration Manager current branch, we continue to deliver value around our core themes of Cloud Value, Customer Voice, Get Current, and Simplification.

Get Current with Office is one of our key capabilities in the 1902 update and optional integration with the Readiness Toolkit for Office provides insights to help prepare for Office 365 ProPlus deployments. These insights can now complement your organization’s end-to-end ability to deploy Office 365 ProPlus, from readiness, to deployment, to monitoring.

The existing Office 365 client management dashboard now includes a new tile, Office 365 ProPlus Upgrade Readiness.

Office 365 client management dashboard

Select a readiness state to drill-through to a device list. This readiness report allows you to quickly identify devices with high confidence that are ready to upgrade to Office 365 ProPlus. It includes columns for the compatibility state of both Office add-ins and macros.

Office Add-ins and Macros

Learn more about integration with the Readiness Toolkit for Office

Also, in update 1902 are improvements to Phased Deployments which now has its own dedicated monitoring node. From the lifecycle dashboard, organizations can now also view the support lifecycle for the versions of Office in their environment.  Additionally, ConfigMgr 1902 has added the ability to configure known folder mapping to OneDrive, providing a streamlined way to seamlessly move or redirect users’ known folders and data to OneDrive.

Some other key areas of investment in the other themes of the release include user comments in email notifications for approval requests from Software Center, improvements in client health with a dashboard with detailed breakdowns of client health status across your organization, and Windows software update improvements to better control the end user experience with software update downloads and installs.  There are new Management Insight rules for optimizing and simplifying collections and packages. You can now use CMPivot from the CAS and edit and copy existing PowerShell scripts used with RunScripts.