Mac+Microsoft Intue, Is it cool? Yeap! Cool as ever!

Just finished setting up and enabling Microsoft Intune for Mac. Microsoft has surely made it easier to set up. Now Phoenixtekk is partnering with Parallels to start development on Mac+Intune+Parallels…

Enroll your macOS device with the Intune Company Portal app to gain secure access to your organization’s email, files, and apps.

Organizations often require you to get your device managed before you can access proprietary data from it. After a device becomes managed, organizations can push policies and apps to the device through their mobile device management provider. To get continuous access to work or school information from your device, you must configure your device to match policy settings.

This article describes how the Intune Company Portal app for macOS helps you enroll, configure, and maintain your device to meet your organization’s requirements.

During initial setup, the app requires that you authenticate yourself with your organization. It then informs you of any device settings you must make. For example, organizations often set minimum or maximum character password requirements that you’ll be required to meet.

After your device is enrolled, the Company Portal app will continue to make sure that your device is protected. If you install an app from an untrusted source, for example, the app will alert you and sometimes revoke access to company data. App protection policies like this one are common in organizations, and often require you to uninstall untrusted apps before you can regain access.

If after enrollment your organization enforces a new security requirement, such as multi-factor authentication, the Company Portal app will notify you. You’ll have the chance to adjust your settings so that you can continue to work from your device.

To learn more about enrollment, see What happens when I install the Company Portal app and enroll my device?.

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