Manage iOS Devices with Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager Parallels Plug-in

Don’t Leave Your Mac Devices Unmanaged…

​Leverage your infrastructure and our
expertise and build a centralized repository.

Centralized Management of Windows and Mac in Microsoft SCCM

Enable Mac management beyond native Microsoft SCCM functionality to discover, enroll and manage Mac devices the same way you manage PCs. Make Mac computers first-class citizens on your corporate network by having them managed.

Full Lifecycle Management of Mac Endpoints

A single Mac machine can be a vector of attack or data loss if it’s not secured, patched and up to date. Connecting them to the Profile Manager or using an open-source tool for inventory does not reduce the risk. To maintain control, security and compliance, bring Mac management to the Configuration Manager.

No macOS Expertise Required to Manage Mac

SCCM administrators don’t have to learn much about macOS® to manage it—Parallels Mac Management extends the existing SCCM infrastructure, processes and skills. Manage Mac computers and their software discovery, distribution and inventory just like PCs. Deploy macOS updates with the help of Windows Server Update Services (WSUS) from the Configuration Manager console.

Streamlined Processes and Improved Workflow

Without the right tools, Mac computers take up a disproportionate amount of the IT support team’s time compared to Windows machines, limiting their ability to address other business needs. Optimize IT resources by administering your entire fleet of computers and applications in a centralized manner with the help of one product.