Microsoft Exspance Azure Capabilities to Accelerate your Business growth!

Microsoft is adding new capabilities in the Cloud Solution Provider program for partners to resell, manage, and provide services to customers on Microsoft Azure. These enhancements to Azure in CSP introduce product alignment and a common pricing engine across how customers buy Azure. You’ll be able to offer customers the latest innovations in Azure at the same time they’re available through the Microsoft website or through a Microsoft field seller. And, partners in the Cloud Solution Provider program can build differentiated services that use Microsoft (first-party) and partner (third-party) offers.

To help you increase your services-based profitability, we’re introducing the CSP services managed discount, which rewards partners who provide services on Azure to customers. This discount will replace the current transactional margin for Azure in the Cloud Solution Provider program. It will be given through a discount on the Azure CSP invoice to partners who are billed by Microsoft and are associated to the customer’s CSP Azure estate via admin access. Eligible partners also continue to be able to earn incentives in the new Azure experience in CSP.

Digital transformation is rapidly changing how organizations create value. Customers today are faced with complex technology decisions. Increasingly, people making those decisions are line-of-business buyers, and how they purchase technology continues to move toward self-service and specialization. Today’s buyers prefer to do their own research and are more amenable to accessing products in a marketplace, downloading apps, and trying out products first. When it’s time to work with a partner, they want someone who can provide more than just the transaction—they want a partner who offers specialized consultative assistance, value-added services, deep skills, and experience aligned to their industry and needs.

As a Microsoft partner, you play a critical role in all stages of the customer lifecycle, regardless of how a customer chooses to purchase Microsoft Azure—through a partner, on the Microsoft website, or through a Microsoft field seller. We rely on you to provide customers with upfront assistance and value-added services that result in the customer committing to Azure.