Microsoft Partners to consider the benefit of alliances to augment their offerings

The move to the cloud and digital transformation has left many partners with a legacy business model that takes deep thought leadership to transition into a successful modern practice. Perhaps most noticeable in this evolution is the need to specialize and engage with other partners to accelerate innovation and time-to-market.

By working with other partners, other businesses can deliver on an area of expertise that they may otherwise be lacking. The ability to provide a differentiated, full-service solution is critical to business success. Partnering with your peers with specific vertical or functional expertise allows you to do what you do best while expanding your IP to build a unique offer.

Why Leverage other Partners?

According to IDC, 49% of partners offering solutions for specific business functions partner with other channel partners to enhance their overall solution. When that happens, everyone wins, especially your customers. Why? Just ask yourself whether you have the people, skills, expertise, and capabilities in-house to meet the needs of all customers (current and potential) in your market. Maybe not. Partnering can reduce the time and cost of going to market, increase your reach, build market share, help you win new business, and increase your overall profitability by leveraging your IP in new ways.